A Message From the Producer...

Edible Ostrich and Emu Eggs from our Ranch.

Since our founding in 1992 we’ve been supplying our Blue Feather brand Ostrich Steaks, Filets and Burgers to Supermarkets and Restaurants throughout California.

Starting in 2009 we found the perfect venue to make our quality eggs available to the public as well.  Indian Point Brand Ostrich eggs (Spring/Summer/Fall) and Emu eggs (Fall/Winter/Spring) are now sold at selected Whole Foods Markets, a company well known for their pure and quality products.  

From our Tehachapi, California Ranch directly to you.

Customers can be assured that each Indian Point egg meets the highest standards: from the immediate gathering, cleaning, storage and three point inspection before they can be placed in the carton for shipping to a Whole Foods store near you.  Our Tehachapi ranch www.indianpointranch.com is open to the public and visitors will never find an egg uncollected in any of our nests at any time.   

If your local Whole Foods Market doesn't stock our eggs then please let us know by just taking a moment to fill out the brief inquiry HERE and we will send you a 25% discount certificate to be used towards the purchase of an egg upon the arrival at your Whole Foods Market or direct from our on-line store.

If we’ve met your expectations please tell your family and friends, if not please tell us.

You can find us at: www.indianpointranch.com or me personally at: dons@tryostrich.com.

Have Fun, Be Healthy, Enjoy.

Don Seaman
Managing Partner
Indian Point Ostrich Farms, LLC

Our fresh Ostrich Eggs are
now available at selected
Whole Foods Markets!